About Me

Anna’s readable lullaby

I breathe in words because I think words can create magic like they are those little pixie dusts. The magical world of literature is where I wander around. Here in this blog , its my little world of words. I write and think and then again write. The happiness found in writing is undoubtedly cherish-able! life is incredibly exciting and anything readable makes it more magical. So let’s read!

What is in here….

Hello! Its me Anna, I am an writing enthusiast so I thought why not come up with a blog of my own. I would love to write bits and pieces that wander around my mind so I would be happier to share this figments of my thoughts with everyone who actually loves to read. I would love to write about romance, you can tell I am a hopeless romantic!! Everything I see and feel is through the lenses of my romantic heart. Here I would be sharing those imaginations of mine and who knows there could be some reality mixed. We will see!!

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